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How to use Wakelet: Curate your conference experience

by Wakelet on

Whether you’re headed to ISTE, CUE or any other event, you can keep track of your memorable moments, key contacts and notes, by curating your conference experience on Wakelet

Curate tweets

Keep track of all the big announcements and events on Twitter by saving them before they leave your timeline. You can search the conference hashtag through our Twitter import feature and select the tweets you’d like to save or install the Wakelet browser extension to simply click the ‘W’ on each tweet you’d like to save. Add tweets to your bookmarks – or straight into a collection – with two clicks.

Add contacts’ profiles

Meeting new people and expanding your network is one of the best things about attending a conference. But, you don’t want to end up carrying around a stack of business cards? Use Wakelet to save and organize the details of new contacts by saving a link to their Twitter profile or LinkedIn account. You can organize them into different collections – people to contact or people from one company, for example – or use our Notes feature to include extra details about each person.

Save images

Snapping a picture at the talks you attend or the booths that impress you is a quick and easy way to capture information. It also fills up your phone memory and can leave you with a batch of photos with no context. Save space by adding your photos straight to Wakelet. You can use our share extension to add them into your collections from your phone and then add a caption explaining what the photo is and why you took it.

Save the content that matters

Recap the conference

When you get home, you can relive your conference experience and share it with colleagues that couldn’t attend by creating a recap collection on Wakelet. You could include links to key note presentations, slides and tweets from the event alongside your own notes and photos to create a highlights collection that you can revisit in the future and share as one link.

Collate your notes

It can be tough to keep track of all your notes when you’re at a conference, whether they’re scribbled email addresses to follow up on or takeaways from an inspiring talk or presentation. Save time and stay organized by adding notes to Wakelet. Surround your notes with multimedia content to bring them to life – you could include notes below a video recording of a presentation or edit the description of a person’s LinkedIn to include details of your interaction with them. No pen or paper required!