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How to make the most of the Wakelet mobile app

by Wakelet on

Want to use Wakelet on-the-go? With our mobile app for iOS and Android, you can enjoy all the functionality of Wakelet, anytime, anywhere

Do you want to use Wakelet on-the-go? Save links as you’re browsing in the supermarket queue? Discover great collections while you’re waiting for dinner to arrive? Or find those links fast in a meeting? You need the Wakelet mobile app!

Save content wherever you are

You can save content as you browse with the Wakelet app. Whether you’ve come across a great article on your commute or a tweet that you don’t want to lose from your timeline, you can add it to your Wakelet bookmarks, or save it straight to a collection, in just two clicks! When you land on a piece of content you’d like to save, simply click Share (or Menu, then Share on Android) and scroll through until you see the Wakelet icon. It’s as simple as that!

Create and curate stunning collections

There’s no need to wait until you’re on your laptop to start curating collections – you can do it all in the app! Click on ‘Create a collection’ to get started, add a title and you’re ready to go. You can add content through the Share Extension or just click on ‘Add an Item’ and choose the content type that you’d like to add; copy and paste a link, select an image from your phone’s Photo Library, write text, or include an item that you’ve already got saved to your bookmarks.

Want your collections to display differently? Open up the collection and look for the Edit option (it’ll be near the top of your screen). You then have three options to choose from: media, compact or grid view. Add the finishing touches by including a cover and background image on your collection.

Discover great content from across the web

A unique feature of our iOS app is the News Feed. Here, you can select the topics that you’re most interested in, and the publications that you like to read, and each day you’ll be able to discover content that’s tailored to you. Check the News Feed tap in the app and you’ll see a selection of articles; save the pieces that catch your eye into your bookmarks to read later or add them straight into relevant collections. It’s a great way to discover great, fresh content on the subjects that matter to you without having to leave the app!

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