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Introducing: Wakelet’s Mood Board

by Wakelet on

A new and visual way to share your Wakelet collections!

We’ve just launched our newest addition to the Wakelet layout options; The Mood Board!

Our community are super excited for this latest layout, and after testing it out, they’ve come up with some amazing ways that they’ll be using it to transform their collections! Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome ideas popping up on the #WakeletWave hashtag! 

The new mood board layout offers:

1. Accessibility

Mood board will allow all the content in your collections to be viewed in a much wider space. The view makes collections look stunning – showing off lots of different types of media side by side. And the best part? Media can be interacted with from within the collection! Youtube, Flpgrid and other videos will be able to play in-line, along with other types of media like maps, slides and podcasts!

Start curating content in the classroom

2. Versatility

The new layout has been requested by so many members of our community that we’ve lost count! 

We want you to be able to display your content however you like – and with the three previous layouts on the platform, the Mood Board view really completes the deck! 

There are four unique ways to display your Wakelet collections; Media View, Compact View, Grid View and now Mood Board view. All of these views mean you can choose how to display your collections depending on your goals. Telling a story? Media view works perfectly for that. Sharing resources? Compact view takes the fuss away, allowing you to share just the link and a description. Looking to compare pieces of content? Try Grid view!

And now, if you’re looking to share lots of different content across one large space, Mood Board view has your back!     

3. Visual!

Did we tell you the new layout looks AWESOME?! Wait till you try it out on one of your collections. The moment your content spreads across the page you’ll realize how fantastic the possibilities are! Colors pop, the text is clear, and media beams out of the screen! You’ll find yourself using the re-order mode to seamlessly drag items around the Mood Board, finding that perfect sweet spot before you hit save! Organizing a collection has never looked this fluid!

Start curating content in the classroom

4. Personalization

The Mood Board layout is perfect for expressing yourself. Whether you’re using it for reflection, a social board or even just for inspiration – the emphasis here is on personalization! The layout is perfect for people looking to add some creativity and flair to their collections, and we can’t wait to see what incredible collections the community comes up with!