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Choosing the right layout for your Wakelet collection

by Wakelet on

Which Wakelet layout works best for your collection?

The new Mood Board layout is live on Wakelet! We thought it could be really cool to give you a breakdown of the four different ways you can organise your collections on Wakelet!

Check out how Media View, Compact View, Grid View, or the newly released Mood Board could be perfect for your collections;

Media View

Want to tell your story on Wakelet? Then you should give Media View a try!  The clear, linear display is awesome to look at. Plus it’s really simple to navigate!  You can glide down your collection with real ease, with all your items organised in a neat vertical format.

This layout offers an order to your collection, which is great for storytelling!

Save the content that matters

Compact View

Bit of a minimalist? Then you’ll love Wakelet’s Compact View! This layout is ideal for your collections with high volumes of content.

So, when you’re spending that rainy Fall afternoon collecting all your memories from your summer vacation, Compact View allows for mass amounts of photos, videos, text and more to be stored in one neat and tidy place. Relive those sunny afternoons and seaside snoozes with Compact View on Wakelet!

Grid View

You’ve got to check out the Grid View layout! This smart tile presentation is a real head-turner and is perfect for storing photographs. Look at Wakelet’s Grid View as your digital photo-album.

Wakelet’s Grid View is also great for drawing comparisons between items of content. Whether it’s screenshots, text boxes, images, tweets or videos, this layout gives a bird’s-eye view of all your items- so you can compare, contrast and analyse. Like a boss.

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Mood Board

Wakelet’s very own Mood Board is a layout we are all super excited about! Mood Board works a treat for collections that have lots of different kinds of content. Images, social media posts, videos and text boxes look really cool when arranged together in a Mood Board. This layout also really invites personalization, so be creative! We can’t wait to see how people use it!