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Join the Wakelet community

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With Community Week starting next week, read about our Community and how you can get involved!

Want to get in on the fun? Join our Community and play a key role in shaping Wakelet so it’s better for everybody!

What are you waiting for? Here is what it takes to be a community member. Check it out – you never know… maybe someday you’ll be a Wakelet Ambassador!

Test pre-release features

We love bringing new features out on Wakelet! But before we release them to the world – we need to make sure they’re ready to go.

That’s where our community comes in! As a community member, you’ll get exclusive access to new features. We’re very interested to hear what you have to say! Only after we get the green light from the community, do we launch the feature to everybody else.

Get behind the scenes access

Be the first to know about news from Wakelet HQ. Whether it’s upcoming features, integrations or partnerships- we’re super excited to share updates with our community and hear your thoughts!

Have your say!

Be a part of the conversation! Have any ideas for what we could do next? We take community suggestions on board and regularly put them into action. Chat with other community members and share ideas and tips!

Help first time Wakelet users! Give advice to them on how they can make the most out of Wakelet.

Get your hands on Wakelet goodies

One of the best things about being in our community, is the AWESOME Wakelet swag you’ll receive! Represent Wakelet at conferences, EdCamps and events. Our community is global – so wear our colors with pride!

Level Up!

Become a Wakelet Community Leader! This role empowers you to share the magic of Wakelet in your school, district and learning communities. Spread the #WakeletWave and share your passion with educators around the globe!

What more can be said? Join our Community and ride the Wakelet Wave with us!