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Riding the #WakeletWave in Malaysia: by Azrul

by Wakelet on

Azrul is one of the very first Wakelet Ambassadors in Malaysia. Check out his story!

It means the world to us here at Wakelet HQ that the #WakeletWave is growing – and we’re SO delighted to have Malaysian educators riding with us! Azrul is one of the very first Wakelet Ambassadors in Malaysia, and is introducing Wakelet to fellow educators throughout the country. What an interesting story this is! Read about how Azrul was introduced to Wakelet, and how he is now inviting others to ride the #WakeletWave!

Azrul’s Story

Being one of the first Wakelet ambassadors in Malaysia, I have been given the privilege of introducing Wakelet throughout Malaysia! It began when I attended Paris Microsoft Exchange 2019, where I was introduced to Wakelet by the fellow educators there. After returning to Malaysia, I started exploring the Wakelet application. I find it suits me and helps me organize my work and it is really suitable for students and teachers! 

I am so grateful for my encouraging and always enthusiastic wife, Anis, for her support when I began to take my first steps in introducing Wakelet to students and teachers at my school. MRSM Merbok was the starting point where I began exposing the teachers and students to the usage of Wakelet in the teaching and learning process. I offer a very special thanks to the management, especially the principal Mr. Rusidi for supporting me!

In introducing Wakelet to teachers throughout Malaysia, I received full support from Microsoft Malaysia, especially from the education sector officers Ms Shida, Ms. Sumayyah and Mr. Zulhilmi. Collaborations with Digital Classroom, STEM Teachers Association of Malaysia (PGSM), MARA Secondary Education Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia and Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) have helped me organize a series of Wakelet-related workshops in education for all educators in Malaysia.

My sincere thanks go to Wakelet, especially Callum and Jamil for helping me to accomplish my efforts to expose Malaysian educators to Wakelet! To the Malaysian Wakelet Ambassadors Fazli, Arif and Alif, thank you for your assistance. Together we widen the use of Wakelet to other teachers and students!

Azrul and his fellow Wakelet Ambassadors have played a MASSIVE part in introducing Wakelet to the education community in Malaysia! We’re so grateful for all the amazing work he’s done. Now we’re so excited to see what the future holds for the Wakelet Malaysian community!