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Buncee & Wakelet: embed Buncees into your Wakelet collections!

by Wakelet on

At Wakelet we’ve always loved everything about Buncee! Now we’re super excited about our new integration!

Buncee is a tool that allows students to create engaging, interactive content! We’ve been big fans of Buncee for a long time, and it was a lot of fun brainstorming various ways we could integrate Buncee into Wakelet! We believe our integration with Buncee offers an exciting platform for students to express themselves and be creative in a safe space!

It was a pleasure to work with the Buncee team and create something we believe can inspire everyone in the classroom to be both creative and collaborative! And the best part? It’s just the beginning! We can’t wait to see what the future holds with our friends at Buncee in New York!

You might be wondering; how does it work? With this integration, you can now embed Buncees into your Wakelet collections!

Why not ask students to work together to make a collection of Buncees? It’s a great way for them to tell their stories using colorful and interactive materials! Better yet – have them use the Mood Board layout to really make the collection look EPIC!!!

We’re so excited to see how our community use our latest integration. We’ve already spotted some amazing use cases – and it’s only been two days! Over the coming months we’ll be sharing some cool examples of how our community is using our new partnership – so keep an eye out!!!

Are you embedding Buncees into your Wakelet collections? Feel free to send them to us! We’d LOVE to see what you’re coming up with!

There are endless possibilities with our integration with Buncee. Watch this space! Because we’re not done yet!!! 😉

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