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Remote learning with Wakelet

by Wakelet on

At times when distance learning is necessary, Wakelet can be your classroom! 

Everybody here at Wakelet HQ is constantly amazed by the resourceful and creative ways educators engage their students! Having to work remotely? Here are a few ideas and resources so you can stay connected with your students and faculty with Wakelet.

Invite your students to collaborate on a collection

Engage your students by inviting them to contribute to a group collection! Whether they’re adding text, links, videos, images or Flipgrid shorts, you can make sure your students are engaging with your subject, even when they’re not in school. Want to really bring out your students’ creativity? Ask them to embed Buncees into Wakelet collections to add super colorful, interactive content!

With sub-collections now live on Wakelet, your students can add collections to your collaborative collections, without having to sign-in! Why not invite each of your students to create collections for a class project, so they can stay connected with eachother, as well as their learning!

For more tips on collaboration on Wakelet, check out this blog post!

Stay connected with your faculty

With it being more difficult to connect with your colleagues, ensure you’re all on the same page during extended school closures! Share lesson-plan templates with educators in your school or district on Wakelet! This can provide your colleagues with ideas for preparing lessons that are perfect for distance learning. Wakelet’s integration with Microsoft Teams allows for optimized collaboration with your colleagues. Did you know you can share your Wakelet collections within Teams? Give it a try! 

Check out some ideas for using Wakelet’s integration with Teams right here!

Share resources with your students

Enable your students to learn remotely by sharing collections of helpful resources. Your class can work on their projects and reports from home, equipped with relevant, informative items of content. Help your students revise remotely by sharing resources with them through Wakelet! Have a look at this blog post for more inspiration!

If you have any ideas or helpful resources for educators, feel free to send them our way on twitter. We’re happy to share them! The support educators have for each other is SUPER inspiring 💙