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Wakelet + Canva: Integration

by Wakelet on


We’re excited to announce our new integration with Canva for Education!

We know teachers have already been importing designs created on Canva for Education into Wakelet. Now, we’re introducing a formal integration where you can easily add eye-catching and educational Canva designs directly to Wakelet. 


Check out the templates for your next Wakelet collection:


Get started adding your Canva designs to Wakelet:


  1. Login to your Wakelet account. Educators can create a free Wakelet account! 


  1. To begin, click Create a New Collection. Add a title and description. 


  1. Next, start adding to your Wakelet Collection! You can add links, text, images, and pdfs. Now, under the image icon, you can select Canva!


  1. This will open the Canva editor where you can select a Canva template for your collection! Edit using Canva’s elements, text, photos, and other graphics.


  1. Once you’ve finished, click “Publish”, and you’ll be taken back to the Wakelet platform.


  1. On Wakelet, keep adding more links and resources till you’re finished building your collection. Don’t worry, your changes will auto save. 


  1. Remember, if you’re in Canva, you can always download your design as a pdf, image or share a link and drag and drop or paste it to Wakelet


  1. When you’re finished, choose to keep your collection private or click Share to make your collection public. 


  1. Note: You can invite students to collaborate and add their own ideas to a Wakelet collection! Click on the “Share” button and add the emails of who you’d like to join.



Canva for Education and Wakelet Power Tip: 

  • Power Tip: Already have something on Canva you’d like to share on Wakelet? We recommend adding your Canva designs as “view only” links so students can take a look without accidentally editing!


12 Ways to Use Canva for Education and Wakelet in your Class

Here are a dozen ways for teachers and students to get started with Wakelet and Canva for Education:


Teacher Led-Activities:


  • Virtual Field Trips
    • Take time to explore! It’s not always possible to go on a field trip, so why not bring the field trip to you! Use Canva headers on Wakelet to organize your trip – from getting on the bus, driving across town, exploring the area on Google maps, seeing a lunch menu, to watching videos on your chosen aquarium, farm, national park, or museum. Why not go on an adventure through Ancient Egypt or  at the Great Wall of China? Visit We Are Teachers for a list of 31 virtual field trip ideas!


  • Choice Boards
    • Choice boards give students autonomy over the ways they share their thinking and learning. Use Canva to describe each of the options on your Wakelet collection. Here are some ideas to add to your choice board: advertisement, book cover design, chart, detailed illustration, diary excerpt, infographic, and poem.


  • Curated Reading Lists 
    • Curate your own reading lists! Whether you’re studying Social Studies, Science or something else, gather the most important articles, videos and other resources in one place. Use Canva headers to label and organize your Wakelet collections. Guide students to create their own reading lists when they kick off a new research projects. Encourage them to add text blocks describing why they chose to include a particular resource. 


  • Parent Newsletters
    • Send your monthly parent update as a Wakelet collection. Use Canva to organize the sections of your newsletter and textboxes with the details. Consider adding sections for: the month in review, important dates, and celebrations, upcoming curriculum topics, tips for helping your child at home, and recommended books. 


  • Save Professional Development Resources
    • Have a PD Day? Why not start a Wakelet collection to save all of the amazing new things you’re learning. You’ll have it handy when a teaching colleague asks for ideas.


Student Assignments and Projects:


  • Digital Portfolios
    • Create a digital portfolio! Student portfolios can serve all sorts of purposes from showcasing growth to highlighting a student’s best work. Use Wakelet text boxes for student reflections on the portfolio pieces and Canva headers to organize into themes such as subject or dates. 
  • Collages and Mood Boards
    • “Show don’t say” goes a long way to capture the imagination of students. A collage or mood board gives students an opportunity to share what they’ve learned and what questions they still have. For common questions on current and historical events, follow Sharon McMahon (@sharonsaysso), a former high school government and law teacher.


  • Short Story Time
    • Explore and analyze the components of a great story! Prompt students to identify  a story’s elements by using Canva for each of these sections: characters, setting, problem, key events and solution. After, get students to create their own short stories using Canva for the parts of a story: exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Add Wakelet textboxes as sub headers to write each section. If there are unexpected edits if students want to save their work in PDF format. They could use Canva PDF Editor to accomplish this.


  • Show and Tell
    • Do you ever find there aren’t enough hours in the school week? Why not digitize your show and tell when you’re tight on time. Students can collaborate on a class show and tell collection by adding a new Canva header when it’s their day. Students can add a Flipgrid video or image and text to describe their special item.


  • Self-Directed Lesson Plans
    • Self-directed learning is designed to foster student initiative and build confidence in their ability to learn. Before embarking on a large, self-directed unit, scaffold student learning and start small with a specific topic or theme and have an outline using Canva headers on Wakelet ready for your students. Together, with your students, identify the learning goals or objectives, their plan to demonstrate their learning, any materials needed, their activity or project, a self-assessment, and ideas on how they could further extend their learning on this topic. 


  • Collaborative Book Reviews
    • Build a community of readers in your classroom with Canva on Wakelet! Collaborate with classmates to generate crowd-sourced book reviews. Try a 5-star scale and use Canva on Wakelet to organize reviews into chapters or themes. At the end, consider sharing your thoughtful feedback with the author!


  • Science Reports
    • Add a new spin to your science report! Use Canva headers to create sections for your hypothesis, materials, procedure or method, findings and conclusion. Add Wakelet textboxes and import photos for the details. Don’t forget, students can also find ready-to-use Science Report templates on Canva. 


  • Science Reports
    • Add a new spin to your science report! Use Canva headers to create sections for your hypothesis, materials, procedure or method, findings and conclusion. Add Wakelet textboxes and import photos for the details. Don’t forget, students can also find ready-to-use Science Report templates on Canva. 


  • How-to-Guides
    • Step-by-step—oooh yeaaah! Creating visual how-to-guides provides students an opportunity to practice communicating and to master new topics. Students can break down the steps needed no matter how seemingly simple or complex –from how to peel a banana to how to make a career as a YouTube influencer. 



The Canva for Education and Wakelet partnership is an exciting step towards making assignments and projects more exciting for students and teachers. As students learn how to select, review, and organize materials, they’ll develop valuable life skills for navigating our information-packed world. 

With Canva’s visually engaging educational content and Wakelet’s curation platform, the educational possibilities are infinite!

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