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Real-time on Wakelet

by Wakelet on

With this dynamic enhancement to collaboration on Wakelet, you can see edits and updates made to collections as they happen!

Many of you have been asking for this one for quite some time – so it’s our pleasure to say… Real-time is now live in your collaborative Wakelet Collections! Working with your team on a group collection? See edits as they happen, with our latest update! Real-time will provide a dynamic and engaging charge to collaboration on Wakelet! 

Invite your students to collaborate with you on a group collection! With Real-time, you’re able to see their work as they’re doing it, and give them instant feedback. Curate something awesome as a team, and watch everyone contribute and work together in a burst of creativity and productivity! See how it works right here!

Give it a try in your Wakelet Collections now!

Stay tuned for more collaboration enhancements!

For the summer of 2020, we want to supercharge collaboration on Wakelet! During Wakelet LIVE, we revealed some of the exciting improvements we’re making to collaboration on Wakelet! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new updates and features in the next couple months – here’s a quick run through of what’s coming!

  • New permissions: change permissions in your collaborative collections i.e. you’ll soon be able to add invitees as admin on your collections, and more!

  • Reactions & Commenting: with these improvements you can provide feedback to materials added by other members of your team! This is going to be perfect for feedback, and peer assessment!

  • Collaboration across devices: soon, you’ll be able to invite contributors to your collections on the Wakelet App! This means you can collaborate on your hand-held device, and while you’re out and about!

  • Spaces: This is the big one! We’re super excited to share Wakelet Spaces with everyone. This one will be sure to take collaboration on Wakelet out of this world!🚀 There’ll be a space for everything in your Wakelet profile!

Don’t miss out on any of these awesome enhancements! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date! Which one are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts on Twitter and tag @wakelet to let us know!

Do you want to get pre-release access to any of the above features? As a member of the Wakelet Community, you’ll be able to test and provide feedback on our newest updates, before everybody else! You can join our Community right here💙