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Virtual science-fair exhibits with Wakelet

by Wakelet on

Read Ashley Shunk’s brilliant blog about using Wakelet for virtual science-fair exhibits!

The high school science fair at Alison Bixby Stone School in Honduras is right around the corner! I’m excited to use the awesome collating power of Wakelet to help guide my students through the scientific method, even while they’re at home. 

Last year, I tried Wakelet as an additional component to our planning process. I set up sections in Wakelet that students fill out as they complete the project. The activities attached include scientific questions, research, hypothesis, and materials. The students can easily add pictures and charts of their results. They can also write conclusions directly into Wakelet. This keeps everything transparent and organized for us all!

I love that students can all work on the project at the same time and contribute their ideas to solve problems and make progress. Wakelet is versatile enough for us to use in the in-person science fair as an additional resource for students to share what they’ve been learning in science. We printed out the QR codes so visitors and judges could scan the codes to see the videos and research papers in just one click!

I’m so glad that I tried Wakelet last year with my students´ science fair projects; because now they know how to set it up and I have some amazing examples to share with them. This year we will not have tri-folds, but we will have our amazing Wakelet pages to support students in STEM and presentations during the virtual science fair. 

By Ashley Shunk