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10 Reasons why I Love the Wakelet Student Ambassador Program!

by Wakelet on

Wakelet Student Ambassador Batul Alamdar shares her journey through the 6 C’s in her fantastic new blog post!

The Wakelet Student Ambassador program has become a global phenomenon, with thousands of students across the world taking part. Today we are delighted to host a guest blog from one of our most dynamic and active Student Ambassadors. Read Batul’s experience on the program below, and discover why you should head here and enroll your students today!

A special thank you to Batul’s teacher and Wakelet Ambassador Alifiya for guiding her students through the program.


Hola! I am Batul Alamdar from India. I am a 15 year old tech savvy student, studying in Grade 9. My hobbies are coding, writing poems, listening to songs and learning new tech tools in a 21st Century Digital World. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, I had the opportunity to explore many tech tools, and one of the best I discovered was WAKELET!

I learned about Wakelet from my teacher and became excited to ride the Wakelet Wave. I attended webinars to get familiar with the features of the platform and build my technical skills. One day my teacher conducted an online session for students and introduced the Wakelet Student Ambassador Program. I was curious to know the details about it, and thus I started my Wakelet Student Ambassador Journey!

I started riding the Wakelet Wave on 3rd August 2020, and on 9th October 2020 I was officially recognized as Wakelet Student Ambassador. It was an ace feeling achieving all the badges of the 6C’s. The Student Ambassador Program helped me inculcate many skills and boosted my confidence. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why I Love The Wakelet Student Ambassador Program

Foster Imagination

The 6C’s – Curation, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Citizenship respectively, helps foster and increase our imagination skills. 

Boosts our creativity

In the 21st Century, creativity is a super power for everyone. For students and teachers, creativity is what matters. Studying and teaching in a creative way leads to an interactive classroom. Boosting creativity through this program helps in handling situations and introduces us in the tech world.

Here’s a link to My creative Collection.

Escalates Curiosity

Asking questions is something very important because that escalates our curiosity. By completing all the 6C’s student’s curiosity increases because a program like this introduces new ways of studying and learning. Students will start getting interested and will love to see such more initiatives and programs.

Helps in developing writing skills

Each challenge in this program consists of different ways for developing skills, and writing is one of them. Before writing a certain paragraph on a topic we do a lot of research and at last we write the paragraph by checking all the grammatical words and other stuff. Writing skills are something that is a must in every student and this program aims in improving the writing skills of every student.

Encourages Critical Thinking

Doing research for each challenge is not easy. It depends upon the student how he/she thinks about the question. Critical Thinking is what helps in conceptualizing things. We need to think out of the box for doing something creative and innovative and Critical Thinking is what we need during a situation like this.

One of the C’s is critical thinking in this program and that’s why this helps in encouraging students to do something innovative. Here’s an example of how this program escalates Critical Thinking in students:- News  Channels good or bad?

Builds Collaboration

Collaboration in simple words means engaging in teamwork for a common purpose. Teamwork and collaboration skills are necessary for a classroom to build a healthy environment. This helps in breaking individuals’ barriers and introduces us to a new world of working together. This not only helps in building collaborative skills but also in communicative and thinking skills. Check this amazing example of how students collaborated to do their task: Music Combo Playlist.

Develops 21st Century Digital Skills

In the 21st Century, it is important that we know how to use tech in a creative way. Technology is the base of our future and we all will rise and shine. Student Ambassador gives us a platform to share our hidden talents and showcase our inner creativity. Digital skills like surfing the net and researching are something that we definitely learn while doing this Program.

Enhances Presentation Skills

To make our presentation interactive we surf the net for ideas but most of the time we use our mind. Presentation skills include the way your content is eye-catching. This elevates our thinking capacity for presentation skills. While completing all the 6C’s presentation plays a major role. Every task is different and the way we present it helps viewers interact.

Establishes Global Connection

Students from across the world are doing this Student Ambassador program. When I became a Student Ambassador, I got to know about many teachers and students in the community. They all shared their presentations and we all established a Global connection. This way students learn about new things and develop various skills too. We build eagerness to know more about each other. This way it is more fun doing this program.

Strong Support from Wakelet Community

The Wakelet Community and Team has and will always continue supporting in our future. This achievement is not only for us but the whole community. The family grows bigger and bigger as we join such programs. The support from the community builds more confidence and encourages the spirit of learning new things.

The Student Ambassador Program gave me a chance to showcase my talent and it will give you yours. Teachers and students both participate in a joyous mode and everyone enjoys it the most. Learning in a fun way is what students want. Thanks to the whole Wakelet Team for introducing such a great initiative.