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Student-Led Clubs: by Namya Joshi

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Discover Namya’s amazing journey to setting up her very own Student-Led club!

Hi, I am Namya Joshi, I study in Grade-VIII in Sat Paul Mittal School, India.  Sat Paul Mittal School is a Wakelet Showcase School. The school empowers the students- by giving them the opportunity to start their own venture, by giving them the confidence to voice their own opinions, by giving them dreams to aspire to and achieve. In order to promote the ideas of student voice, choice, and agency, my school has given me an opportunity to lead a club. This program was called Student LED Club.

I named my Club: – #YouKnEvenLearn With Namya Joshi inspired from Mr 𝔸𝕟𝕕𝕪 𝕂𝕟𝕦𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟’s Surname.

Here is the creative process of my club:

I designed the plan keeping in mind that it will generate a spark in other students, and it will empower them to train others. It is very important these days, how we present the organized data. Creating presentations, portfolios, impressive videos, and posts is the need of the hour and I was confident that I will be able to guide the students on how they can collaborate in various subjects using different ICT tools. Apart from this, I explained to them the importance of team-building skills which is vital to be empathetic.

The club occurred every Saturday for 4 weeks. I basically planned App smashing with Wakelet. I taught the club students Adobe Spark Post, Spark Webpage, Spark Video and Thinglink.

Club Activities

DAY 1 –

Adobe Spark Post

Students were explained how they can create stunning social graphics in seconds and linking it with STEM. I showcased some of my projects on varied use cases of posts on global issues, transdisciplinary learning, prompt, mind-maps, e-greetings, etc. I believe that practice makes a man perfect! Towards the end of the session, I shared a  Wakelet with students to submit their assignments. The one who submitted the assignment, I awarded them with E-certificate.

DAY 2 –

Adobe Spark Webpage

In this session, I explained my fellow students to turn words and images into beautiful web pages in minutes and linking it with STEM. First, I showcased the entries received during the DAY 1 class and appreciated their efforts. The showcase was done using Spark webpage and hence Spark webpage was introduced to create newsletter, website, E-magazine, E-portfolio and many more. During this class, I introduced them to Writing for change challenge and motivated them to submit their entries into our School Wakelet Space.

DAY 3 –

Adobe Spark Video

Students were explained about the Spark Video which helped them to create Science fair presentations, video journal, and class projects, creative and collaborative storytelling. They experienced next level, intuitive video making with AI-powered tools for quick video creation.

Again the showcase of the entries received from DAY 2 class was done using Wakelet. Students along with teachers learned that how they can make flipped-lesson using Wakelet and Adobe Spark. I shared some examples of Spark videos on issues like Ill-effects of Over Population, Why 4 C’s are important for students, and many more curated in a Wakelet. Towards the end of the session, I shared a  Wakelet with students to submit their assignments. The one who submitted the assignment, I awarded them with E-certificate.

Day 4 –

It was now the turn to do #AppSmashing and Summing-Up of the session. My club students were able to use Wakelet, create Spark Post, Webpages, and Videos by now. So, I introduced them to ThingLink integrating with Wakelet.

Thinglink session gives them a thinking link with Adobe + Wakelet + Thinglink and App Smashing. They understood that they can curate anything with Wakelet.

At the wrap-up session, I was elated to hear that out of 23 members, around ten members agreed that they would able to lead the club in the future. I have cleared my ACE Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. Here is the detailed plan of this club, anyone can use it.

Motto of my life is sharing, which is the strongest attribute and the biggest weapon for change is knowledge. I truly believe in sharing my knowledge that I continuously do with other teachers and students. #EachOneTeachTen and with this chain it becomes more beautiful and impactful and this reaction will create ripples of change to achieve UNSDG Goals 2030.

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