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AppSmashing Wakelet + Canva: by Batul Alamdar

by Wakelet on

You’ve got to read Batul’s latest blog! Discover her brilliant ideas for combining Wakelet with Canva!

Integrations are a must when you are using an amazing tech tool and Wakelet is one of them. Whether it be students, teachers, librarians, tech coaches, entrepreneurs and all the others. There are many amazing apps which Wakelet has integrated with and when it comes to us, we can use any app of our choice and add multiple things of our wish. One among such apps is Canva, very well known as the one in all app. Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, videos and other visual content. When together with Wakelet, the outcome is the best out of anything else.

There are many different ways Canva and Wakelet can be used together. From sections to banners and cover images, Canva does it all. Here are some of the most popular and fun ways to have an app smashing experience with this duet :

  • Personalized Cover and Backgrounds :

Using Canva, we can create personalized backgrounds and cover images. This makes the collection more visual and interactive. Here’s an example of creating a lesson plan. You can head to Canva and make your own cover image which can include the subject and lesson title. Even some details like date and name can be included. Check the image below for reference

  • Section Headers

In a Wakelet collection we can create sections to organize all the resources. This is very useful when making a Lesson Plan, Book Review, Portfolio and many such different types of collections. To make it look more eye catching and visually captivating, canva headers can be used instead of usual text. Look at the comparison in the image and see how cool it looks!


  • Infographics

When making an informative collection, infographics using Canva can be added to the collection. This will not only help the viewer understand in a better way but, it will even look enticing. Rather than adding multiple text boxes in the collection, a summarized infographic can be used to make it all look organized. Check this collection out as an example: Halloween Special 🎃

  • Gallery / Albums

This is one of the most popular ones and I think you will love it. When you don’t know where to save all your memories at one place and share it with no storage issues, Wakelet is the best place for you. Create Albums and Galleries to organize all your memories and to make it more memorable you can even add your family or friend collage. Look at this collection, isn’t it creative? : Wrap Up Album 📒

  • Profile Pic/Header

You can even update your profile pic or header as a personalized GIF. Showcase what you love in your profile. Check out this amazing Profile of Leticia Citizen – an amazing educator and Wakelet Ambassador

  • Organized Collections

To make our profile look better and organized, you can use Canva to create a particular themed profile. Here’s a Profile of an educator Leigh Amor who organized her collection with themed Collection cover images. It looks simple yet neat!

The App Smashing with Wakelet is a must when you look forward to creativity almost everywhere. This duet is one of the most amazing ones and therefore, give it a thumbs up 👍 and use it in your own style !