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Become a Wakelet Showcase School!

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Learn what it means to be a Wakelet Showcase School!

The Wakelet Schools Program is made up of inspiring schools from around the world; connecting and empowering their communities to achieve amazing results. With over 300 schools in the Wakelet Schools Program, we’re excited to launch the official Wakelet Schools Showcase! 

What is a Wakelet Showcase School?

The most innovative and ambitious schools in the Wakelet Schools Program will be selected to become official Wakalet Showcase Schools.

To date, the standard set by select schools in the Wakelet Schools Program has been outstanding! We’ve seen school communities go above and beyond to bring the power of curation, organization, and collaboration to both educators and students. Showcase Schools will represent the Wakelet Schools Program and will play a crucial role in helping other schools around the world get involved. 

Perks of becoming a Wakelet Showcase School

  • Your school will be included in the official Showcase Announcement. We’re proud to be working alongside such innovative schools – and we want to shout about you and your amazing work! 

  • Global Collaboration Projects. Exclusive collaboration projects with other schools from around the world will be available to Showcase Schools! These projects will revolve around important topics like the Sustainable Development Goals and digital citizenship!

  • Access a new network and mentoring opportunities. Showcase Schools set the standard for high-performance on the Wakelet Schools Program, so we would love for you to share your expertise with other schools!

  • Webinar opportunities. Showcase Schools will feature in the monthly Wakelet Schools Webinars to present the work that they do, and how they use Wakelet to impact their school community. 

  • There are a lot more opportunities and benefits with being a Wakelet Showcase School, including swag and merchandise, learning opportunities for students, and online recognition!

Tips for becoming a Wakelet Showcase School:

Check out the Wakelet Schools Rubric here and find out what it takes to become a Showcase School!

  • Complete all of the tasks in the Wakelet Schools Program. The minimum requirement for schools to be accepted into the Showcase is to complete all talsks in the Wakelet Schools Program! 

  • Be sure to document the work that you do on your journey on the Wakelet Schools Program inside a Wakelet collection! You can include screenshots of sessions, badges, and certificates, and add text-based overviews of your experiences, videos of presentations, photos of teachers and students using Wakelet, and whatever else you believe highlights how you’ve used Wakelet in your school.

  • Host special events inside your school. Whether it’s a “Wakelet Week”, collaborative activities or projects hosted on Wakelet, showcasing how you’re integrated Wakelet into your school’s culture will really strengthen your application to becoming a Showcase School! 

  • Share Wakelet with your wider community! Because Wakelet Showcase Schools are asked to help grow the Wakelet Schools Program, proving that you have already invited other schools in your community to join will be a massive boost in your application to becoming a Showcase School! 

  • Think differently! Innovation is irresistible in applications to the Wakelet Schools Showcase. Highlight how your school is using Wakelet in creative ways to improve communication, collaboration, organization, student engagement and more!

Looking for inspiration? Check out Stormy’s journey on the Wakelet Schools Program in her blog, and discover the impact the Program can have on your school community! 

Have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter!

Apply to become a Wakelet Showcase School today!