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My schools journey on the Wakelet Schools Program: by Stormy Daniels

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Read Stormy’s fantastic blog about how the Wakelet Schools Program has had a powerful impact on the collaborative culture of her school!

Once we heard about the Wakelet Schools Program, we knew it was something that we had to do so we formed a team and begun the work!  To do this, we simply followed the steps in the Application process and started planning, even before we were approved. As soon as we were accepted, our Wakelet Team Community Leaders worked together to break down the Tasks into manageable categories and got to work completing the required trainings to learn even more about Wakelet

We found that the process to become a certified Wakelet School offered flexibility and could be tailored to fit the needs of our community. The checklist and the support we received from the Wakelet Schools Teams group allowed for us to stay on track amid the many other responsibilities we have as educators.  

Once we completed our trainings,  we launched a campus-wide ‘Wakelet Week’ with Daily Challenges for Teachers and Staff that included Fun challenges throughout the week. Our teachers were very responsive to this type of self-paced and personalized professional development.  

We knew Wakelet was a powerful tool, but we never expected the #WakeletWave to have such a positive impact on the collaborative culture of our school. Excitement was heard throughout the week as teachers learned, collaborated, and shared about badges they earned as well as powerful ideas they had for using Wakelet in the class. 

Wakelet Week was a huge success! All staff received a ‘Riding the Wakelet Wave’ certificate and ‘Surfboard’. These are displayed throughout the school as a symbol of the commitment each staff member has made. Going forward, we will be adding additional ‘Badges’ to the Boards.  

Teachers across the campus are now sharing and collaborating like never before in a collection we created to curate ideas. They are also using Wakelet with their students to conduct collaborative learning opportunities.  

Our Student Ambassador Program is led by our three student ambassadors. They are mentoring other students to also become ambassadors. Our community parent organization uses a Wakelet Space to communicate, share resources and provide support to our families.  

Overall, becoming a Wakelet School has amplified the hard work that teachers do every day on our campus and streamlined the way we communicate, collaborate, and create amazing learning opportunities for our students.