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11 ways teachers, students and schools are using Wakelet

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Teachers, students and schools around the world are all using – and loving – Wakelet. Here are just a few of the ways the platform can be used in education

How students are using Wakelet

Digital portfolios
Students can create interactive digital portfolios alongside their coursework to demonstrate their professional development, internships, and related extra-curricular activities.

With Wakelet, you can forget about traditional bookmarking; students can use the platform to collate their online research, reorder the information, add their own notes and illustrate their points with images and videos.

Example of research on Wakelet

Digital storytelling
Just like writing an essay, students can use Wakelet to tell a story or make an argument with their content. They can choose where each item appears and add their own notes – and every link will lead directly to the source, no footnotes required.

Project work
Groups can use Wakelet to collaborate on research, share ideas and upload course notes – with sub-collections, you can invide students to collaborate on a collection, without needing to login!

How educators are using Wakelet

Lesson plans
Lesson planning is one of the most time-consuming parts of an educator’s role and Wakelet can make the process a lot more entertaining while also challenging you to be more creative in your lessons. You can also embed resources into your lesson plans so that when it comes to teaching, you’ll have everything ready to go, all in one place.

Educators can use Wakelet to collate resources for lectures, seminars and classes. Each class collection can include links to reference materials, videos, podcasts and images, and you can add notes to guide the flow of the lesson or ask thought-provoking questions of your students.

Example of resources on Wakelet

Personal development
As an educator, you’re constantly developing new skills and techniques. Whether it’s listening to an inspiring podcast, picking up top tips from a conference, or reading a thought-provoking article, you can add them all to your Wakelet collections and revisit them whenever you like.

How schools and universities are using Wakelet

Press resources
Wakelet is a great place to showcase and shout about your institution. Collate all of your press coverage, research papers, high profile faculty appointments, and latest news all in one place and share them with interested parties as an email or PDF.

Offer students access to library resources on and off campus. Extend the library’s offering by sharing resources, highlighting upcoming events, and providing advice on exams, stress management, and employability.

Example of library using Wakelet

Stay connected with your students, alumni and supporters by creating a collection of the university’s latest news, research developments and events and then sharing it as a monthly newsletter.

Make events and graduation ceremonies accessible from anywhere in the world by publishing the itinerary, sharing videos of keynote speeches, archiving related social media conversations, and uploading photos from the day.