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Add GIPHY Clips to your Wakelet collections!

by Wakelet on

We have some exciting news: read about the latest Wakelet & GIPHY integration below!

Your Wakelet collections just got even more engaging! Our latest integration with GIPHY enables you to add GIPHY Clips to your Wakelet collections! This is awesome on so many levels; adding GIPHY Clips to your collections is a brilliant way to tell stories, add charm to your collections, and express yourself! 

How does it work?

Once you’re logged into Wakelet, create a new collection or begin editing one you’ve already started, you can add GIPHY Clips! Simply follow these steps:

  • Select the Add Image icon inside your collection.
  • Select Choose from GIPHY to access the GIPHY library.
  • Explore and select your favorite GIPHY Clips!

Easy as one, two, three! 

How do you think you’re going to use the new Wakelet & GIPHY Clips integration? Let us know on Twitter and we’ll retweet your idea! Here are some thoughts from the Wakelet Team:

Birthday Collections 🥳

Here at Wakelet, we celebrate a colleague’s birthday by adding GIPHY Clips to a Wakelet collection and sharing it with them! These collections are always colorful, entertaining, and sometimes a little quirky! Why send a birthday card when you can send a Wakelet collection full of GIPHY Clips?

Tell stories inside Wakelet collections! 🧚

Set yourself and your friends the challenge of telling a story inside a Wakelet collection using only GIPHY Clips! This is sure to lead to some hilarious collections and some eye-opening insights into your friends’ personalities…

Newsletters 📰

Nobody likes a dry newsletter. We know Wakelet is used widely as a visual, shareable newsletter tool. We’ve seen amazing newsletters from our Community, full of color, personal messages and images; and now the ability to add GIPHY Clips makes your newsletter even more engaging… your readers will always come back for more!

Presenting Content 📺

Whether you’re sharing your research project, showcasing materials, or flexing your portfolio on Wakelet, including GIPHY Clips in your presentation is sure to go down well with the room. Give it a try at

We can’t wait to see your creativity!