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What is Wakelet?

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What is Wakelet and how can I use it as an educator?

Wakelet is a content curation platform that allows users to transform their content into engaging collections that can be shared and collaborated on with others.

In Education, educators use Wakelet to arrange all kinds of learning materials into visual, interactive collections to share with their learners. It’s used by students and teachers in classrooms around the world to improve content delivery, independent learning, digital citizenship and so much more.

Whether it’s creating lesson plans, sharing resources, sharing newsletters, or collaborating with colleagues and students, Wakelet offers endless possibilities to enhance the learning experience. Students can also benefit from Wakelet by using it to showcase their work, create a student portfolio, complete assignments, and collaborate with peers.

Wakelet is paving the way for a more engaging and collaborative approach to education.

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4 Ways in which educators use Wakelet + examples

01. Educators can gather a wide range of materials such as articles, videos, images, and more, and add them to collections to use for their lessons, and to share with colleagues and students. Educators use this as a reading list or to site their resources for students to look through vetted materials rather than searching the web.

02. Educators organize their educational resources into comprehensive Lesson Plans within a collection and easily share them with students. Whether your students are in the classroom or learning remotely, you can confidently provide access to essential learning materials within a secure environment!

Pro tip: Educators love saving time by looking through Wakelet’s Lessons page which is populated with classroom-ready lessons and resources

03. Wakelet is fantastic for crafting and distributing Newsletters as well! Incorporate updates and news pieces in multimedia format into a Wakelet collection, allowing your community to stay informed and easily explore your curated content!

04. Collaborating on Wakelet is another favourite way for educators to use Wakelet. Simply share the collaborative code or link with your colleagues and students, and everyone can add content, ideas, and thoughts to your collection. Your team doesn’t even need an account to get involved! This is amazing for group research projects, and crowdsourcing materials!

How can students use Wakelet?

Wakelet provides a secure platform for students with our school and district plans. Easily Import your students so they can create their own personalized Wakelet accounts. From crafting amazing digital portfolios to completing group projects and assignments, the creative possibilities with Wakelet are endless. Empowering students to collaborate, think creatively, and develop into skilled digital citizens, Wakelet is a powerful tool for student engagement and growth!

Check our Top 5 Inspiring Student Portfolio Examples to give you an idea of how Wakelet can help showcase your student's work, projects, talents and achievements.

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