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Top 5 Inspiring Student Portfolio Examples

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Are you looking for inspiration for your own digital portfolio?
We’ve got you covered with some amazing students portfolio examples on Wakelet.
We’ve picked out 5 portfolio examples to inspire you when creating your own standout portfolio. Whether it’s showcasing your Youtube highlights, creative art paintings, school projects, writing skills, or sporting achievements, a Wakelet Portfolio offers a centralized platform to display your accomplishments and work in a visual manner! You can get started for FREE by heading to


01. Annora Elias

Annora Ellias

See Annora’s incredible student E-portfolio where her personal achievements, school wins, and passions collide. Annora showcases her journey from sharing her proudest moments as a student and resume highlights to her vibrant social media posts and videos from her personal life. She’s not just about academics—Annora showcases her musical side through her singing, flute, and guitar collections which words alone couldn’t express as well as her videos. Plus, she also included her tasks and achievements from being a Wakelet student ambassador! Every section of Annora’s portfolio tells a story of passion, talent, and creativity - especially as she’s used the Canva integration to put her own brand on her portfolio.


02. Mary

Working Design Boards

Step into Mary’s world with her Fashion Design portfolio where she showcases the best of her work and projects. From her colourful sample book to her cool design sketches, Mary’s Digital portfolio is full of ideas to fuel your creativity. Take a look at her illustrations collection and combined materials to see how she brings her vision to life. Mary uses the moodboard layout here in her upcycling collection to showcase her designs in a creative and visual way. With Mary’s portfolio as your guide, you’ll be ready to showcase your own work and projects in no time! 


03. Abbey Maraviles


Get ready to explore Abbey’s student portfolio. She uses sections in her portfolio to showcase her Individual Profile, School Work, Personal Extras and aspirations. Abbey shows that you can reflect who you are in a digital portfolio, from highlighting your school accomplishments to showcasing your extracurricular activities. Also, by sharing her social media presence, offering insights into her life and interests. In her school work collections, Abbey makes sure to showcase her skills such as video editing, digital design creation and class presentations. She also makes sure to add her experiences from the Wakelet student ambassador program, to show her soft skills like leadership and communication. With Abbey’s portfolio as your guide, you’ll learn how to create an amazing portfolio that truly represents you and your unique experiences through sections and collections!


04. Katrina Melo

Volleyball Team

Katrina Melo showcases her academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal passions in her student portfolio. From her impressive resume to her involvement in various school activities, she goes above and beyond by adding Volleyball Youtube highlights of her volleyball games, giving viewers a glimpse into her athletic side. Katrina also shares her artistic side by featuring her art paintings in her E-portfolio, In this collection, she utilizes the grid view layout to include detailed descriptions alongside each painting. In addition to showcasing her academic skills, athletic accomplishments, and creative flair, Katrina's portfolio is a genuine portrayal of her wide-ranging interests that she has shared in multiple ways. 


05. Alex Turk

For The Papers

Get ready to be inspired by Alex's Incredible Sports Media Portfolio—a true testament to his passion and skill in sports reporting. Explore his E-portfolio and discover the diverse range of experiences he's had, from contributing to top publications like the Daily Express to collaborating with BBC Sport's Manchester United coverage alongside Stretford Paddock. Alex's multimedia talents are showcased by his amazing collections where his expertise in match reporting, podcasting, scriptwriting, and more are shown. With Alex's portfolio as your guide, you'll learn how to create a standout portfolio that showcases your unique talents and opens doors to exciting opportunities in the world of sports journalism.

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After exploring the inspiring student portfolios of Annora, Mary, Abbey, Katrina, and Alex, it's clear that there are a variety of ways that you can showcase your work, Goals, achievements, and so much more! Each individual above showcased their unique skills and experiences in different ways. Now that you've seen some incredible examples of portfolio excellence, it's time to get started on your own journey. Head over to to get started for free.