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2 Powerful Ways to Maximize Digital Citizenship with your Students!

by Misbah Gedal on

Digital Citizenship Week is upon us, which means a flurry of ideas, programs and lesson plans that you can sink your teeth into (and of course add to your Wakelet collections!).

When it comes to practical, memorable ways to really improve the level of digital citizenship in your classroom, we’ve got you covered. Working with some of the best educators on the planet, we’ve developed two key activities that will tick all the boxes, and fill in all of the gaps when it comes to a subject that is often misunderstood.

Let’s dive right in!

The Wakelet Student Ambassador Program

Designed from the ground up to appeal to the modern day student of any age group, the Wakelet Student Ambassador Program is a self-paced course where your students take part in 6 activities that will boost their confidence, leadership, and life-skills.

Each task is created with Digital Citizenship in mind – focused on challenging students to think about things outside the box, and gain new perspectives.

The tasks are centered around curation, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and citizenship. Once your students have completed the course, you can issue them with official certificates and badges for them to share proudly on social media and their portfolios.

We know that it can be struggle to find the right kind of activity to bring into the classroom. It can be logistically challenging, and coming up with the right resources can often be difficult. That’s why we’ve deliberately made the Wakelet Student Ambassador Program as easy as possible to run and manage. It’s done at your pace, and you don’t need to send any work to us!

The program is quite simply the perfect activity to do with your students if you’re looking to improve digital citizenship. It will inspire so many memorable learning moments, whilst helping them become more confident leaders and more critical thinkers.

To enrol your students and get started, head to and fill out the form.

You can check out a glimpse of the impact the Student Ambassador Program has had around the world in this collection right here.

And be sure to check out these guest blogs by two of our most awesome Student Ambassadors, as they share their experiences on the program:

The Wakelet Student Certified Course

The Wakelet Certified Course is one of the most effective ways to onboard your students onto the Wakelet platform. It’s a fun, interactive, challenging course designed to help them familiarize themselves with the core functionality of Wakelet and develop awesome curation skills.

The course is aimed at all students over the age of 10, and includes everything they need to know about getting started on Wakelet. They’ll find videos, activities, and a final quiz to test their knowledge!

Set your students the challenge to become Wakelet certified, and help them start their school year as a Wakelet pro! Once completed they will be awarded an official Wakelet Certified badge and certificate.

Being a better digital citizen all starts with developing the skills required to navigate the web, and make better choices online. The Wakelet platform is perfect for this because it’s all about empowering your students to organize and maintain their very own area of the web – away from the distractions and noise. By doing this, they can curate the most useful, meaningful pieces of content they find.

This includes creating a portfolio, gathering research, saving resources and building a place that stimulates their sense of choice and personality.

The Wakelet Certified Course is designed to be the start point of this journey, and we know you and your students are going to LOVE it!

You can get started here!

It’s a great time to start introducing new concepts to your students! Give these awesome initiatives a try in your classroom and set your students up on a journey that will enhance the very things that will make them better digital citizens.

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