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Portfolios for All!

by Wakelet on

At Wakelet, we’re on a mission to deliver portfolios to every student!



Wakelet premium offers a platform that delivers digital portfolios to every student, and allows learners to publish their work when graduating!



‘In M-DCPS, our English Language Portfolios provide the ongoing progress monitoring tool that teachers need to help drive and adjust instruction unit by unit. Student collections become purposeful representations of language and provide checkpoints for teachers along the language continuum.’ Dona DePriest, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Curriculum Support Specialist.


Teachers from districts across the US have expressed the necessity for portfolios in various departments including for multi-language learners, CTE, and diverse learners departments. The Wakelet Team has made sure to build a platform that enables every learner to curate a portfolio that presents their achievements, learning milestones, and personality! 



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