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The New Features Announced at Wakelet Live!

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This year's Wakelet Live was the most exciting yet! Along with sharing news and updates, we also announced and launched some powerful new features that we know you're going to love!

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New Feature Releases:

All items - We know that many of you save hundreds of items to Wakelet a week. Finding all these items used to be difficult, especially as most of them would be in your collections. The new "All Items" area allows you to view all the items you've added to your collections in a single, streamlined view. No more toggling between different collections – everything is right at your fingertips. You can also filter items by media type, making it super easy to rediscover your content in seconds.

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All items area

AI Image Generation - Unleash your creativity with our AI image generation tool. Describe the image you have in mind, and our AI image generator will bring it to life! This is just the first of many new AI features on the roadmap and will save you plenty of time when it comes to finding cover images.

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Ai Image generation

AI Search (own content) - We've been doing lots of work behind the scenes with AI, gaining a deep understanding into the meaning of the content that people add to Wakelet every day. AI-powered search will now allow you to find your content quicker than ever on Wakelet, with richer and more contextual search results. Semantic search will deliver smarter results - so if you search for collections on Ancient Egypt for example, collections about the Pyramids will also be presented.

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AI-Powered Explore - We've leveraged AI to strengthen our understanding of the collections created on Wakelet. One of the awesome effects of this is that we're now able to automate the population of new categories on the Explore page! This will allow you to easily discover content that would have otherwise been difficult to surface. Categories are now on the explore page, helping you find fantastic collections created by some of the best creators! 

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Ai Search

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Features coming soon...

Sections in collections - You've been asking for this feature, and we're delighted to now announce it! Adding sections to collections means you'll be able to create seamless dividers between content within collections itself. The sections will retain their structure, even if you change the layout! This will allow viewers to navigate your collections quicker and easier than ever! 

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Sections in Collections

Quick Templates (Beta)
- We know how much you love templates on Wakelet. They help you create engaging collections quickly, and save you time. You'll be happy to know that we'll be launching our beta version of Quick Templates soon, which will help you discover and use popular templates faster than ever!

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Workspaces  - We've transformed Workspaces on Wakelet, making them the ultimate place to collaborate as groups. We know how much you all love working together on Wakelet, and we know that you wanted easier ways to manage groups of people. The changes to Workspaces are worthy of their blog post, so stay tuned! In the meantime, just know that collaboration has become much more flexible and accessible, allowing for groups of any size to work together at scale.

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We'll be releasing more features throughout the rest of the year, but in the meantime, thank you for providing that vital feedback that inspires everything we do! We hope that all of the features above make a lasting and meaningful impact on your Wakelet experience!

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Features you might have missed!

Subscribe to creator - we wanted to connect you with the creators you love and help you get closer to the content you value. We launched a test feature this year that allowed you to subscribe to a Wakelet creator, and get updates in your inbox every time they made a new collection. It went so well, so we'll now be looking to roll this out to even more creators in the future

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- we know you wanted to stay in the loop when collaborating, so this year we added notifications to your home area so that you could see every time a collaborator edited or added content to a collection. This means you won't miss a thing when collaborating.

Easier copying - you're copying more collections than ever on Wakelet, especially templates. We wanted to streamline the copy collection process so that it was faster and smoother than ever - so we made a few enhancements to that process this year that have reduced the number of clicks needed, helping you copy collections in half the time.

CSV Upload - With our Education plan, we wanted to add even more flexibility when it comes to rostering your students - so this year we released CSV upload. This means you can import student accounts in bulk and create workspaces and groups in a flexible and accessible way.

Lastly, Video Upload - We know that when it comes to content, video is still one of the most powerful media types. We've now made video recording and upload available on both the Wakelet Individual Pro and for your students in the Education Plans. You'll be able to click a button and upload or record video files directly into your collection.