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Unlocking the Power of Wakelet: A Guide to Dynamic Embeds and the New 'Remove Embed' Feature

by Wakelet on

Hello everyone, I'm Alex Isaacs, a proud Wakelet Certified Trainer, here to share an exciting new Wakelet feature and some (maybe) hidden features with you today.

One of my favorite aspects of Wakelet is its ability to seamlessly integrate content from almost any platform, transforming simple links into dynamic embed cards. Today, I'll walk you through a new functionality that improves this process.

Embedding Content on Wakelet

One of the great strengths of Wakelet is its versatility. You can add anything from the web to a collection. And with some content, it embeds natively - some you may not even know about! Content such as Tweets (posts on X), Facebook posts, YouTube videos, YouTube Shorts, TikToks, Instagram Reels, Google Maps, and some of my favorite EdTech tools such as Canva, Book Creator, Microsoft Flip, Mote, and Edpuzzle.

To embed or not to embed? That is the question.

Embedding is great and engages colleagues and students in ways a static link doesn't! But, in some instances, I don't want content to embed!

For example, in my collaborative Wakelet collection, I want to add a Canva template that others can use. I copy the embed link from Canva and paste it into my Wakelet collection, and instantly, a beautiful Canva embed slide deck appears, ready for my community to explore and remix. While the Canva embed is visually appealing, I want to ensure that anyone visiting my collection can easily access and use the template in Canva.


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Expanding Possibilities with 'Remove Embed'

This is where the magic of the three dots, affectionately termed 'drama dots' by Tisha Poncio, comes into play.

Wakelet recently introduced a new feature that adds even more functionality to these three dots. You can now select the "Remove Embed" option by clicking on them. This converts the dynamic embed card into a traditional hyperlink card. This small change makes a big difference, allowing me to provide additional context and ensuring that the link functions perfectly as a Canva template link.

The 'Remove Embed' feature isn't limited to Canva. It works for all the embed options I mentioned above and any embeddable content in Wakelet. This feature gives me more control over the aesthetics and functionality of my collections, allowing for a cleaner and more user-friendly experience.


Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 19.17.52


A big shout out and thank you to the Wakelet team for listening to their community members and turning our ideas into reality. This new feature is a testament to Wakelet's commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

I am excited to explore even more fantastic features at Wakelet Community Week and beyond. Wakelet's innovations make it easier for educators, creators, and learners to share and collaborate seamlessly.