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Wakelet acquires digital portfolio platform bulb

by Wakelet on

Wakelet Acquires bulb, accelerating presence in the digital portfolio space.

We’ve tried so hard to keep this one quiet, but we’re ready to share some big news!

We’re proud to announce that the digital portfolio platform bulb is now part of the Wakelet family!

At Wakelet, our mission in education is to empower all learners to showcase evidence of their skill, talent, and ability, in the classroom and beyond. Our acquisition of bulb will bring us closer to achieving this mission.

Classrooms, schools and districts across the world have diverse and varied sets of needs and outcomes. With Wakelet's acquisition of bulb, you'll now have even more choice when it comes to up-skilling and preparing learners for college and employment. 

We’ve seen the incredible impact bulb has made on learners across the world, and we’re excited for what we’ll be able to achieve together.

As the landscape of education and employment changes, the Wakelet team is committed to supporting educators and students around the world in any way we can. With the bulb platform now part of the family, we think we’ll be able to do this better than ever before, helping people improve their college and career readiness in new and powerful ways. 

The Wakelet and bulb platforms will remain the same, with user experiences being unaffected by the acquisition. Both platforms will continue to function independently, with new customers being able to choose between either to meet their needs.

We want to thank both the Wakelet and bulb communities for your support and inspiration, and we can't wait to share more exciting news at this year's Wakelet Live Event.

Which platform is best for me?

Although the two platforms share a number of similar features, your choice comes down to what you're looking to achieve in your learning community. bulb has a dedicated focus on the easy creation of high quality professional portfolios and resumes for students and educators. It provides a toolkit that supports students in building their portfolios throughout school, whilst ensuring that educators can document their professional experiences and development in one place. This makes it the perfect choice for schools and districts who are looking for a sophisticated digital portfolio solution.
Wakelet has a strong focus on the teacher experience, and achieving learning outcomes. There is of course a digital portfolio component, but it fits in the wider context of both completing and capturing learning experiences all within the platform itself. It's also great for building digital skills, sharing resources, and facilitating collaborative activities for students. It's a holistic suite of tools that empower both students and teachers to be future ready - promoting preparedness and developing lifelong skills.

About bulb

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Lafayette, CO, bulb is the leading digital portfolio provider for districts, schools, and higher education institutions. bulb enables users to showcase their work, skills, and achievements in a visually engaging, shareable way. With customizable templates and intuitive tools, bulb supports educators, students, and professionals in telling their stories, building their digital presence, and demonstrating their competence.


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