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Travel curation: How I use Wakelet to plan trips

by James Davis on

Always planning your next getaway? Love creating a personalized itinerary? Travel curation could be for you. James Davis explains how he uses Wakelet to plan his trips away

I love travelling!

Visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and trying out new things is something that I really enjoy.

I also like to be organised. One of the best parts about going on holiday is planning the trip and deciding what I’m going to do before I’ve even packed! And I’m sure many others like to do the same. Travelling can be pretty stressful after all, so having your research organised in a way that makes sense to you is important. And with Wakelet, you can do just that.

Wakelet travel curation example

Why travel curation?

Before we travel, we all like to search for the best sights to see, the best restaurants, hotels and hidden gems. You can find travel tips all over the Internet, in top 10 articles, on Instagram or in vlogs by your favourite YouTuber. A travel curation site like Wakelet allows you to save all of this research into collections, which can then be easily shared with others – so you can share your customized itinerary with the rest of your group before you go.

Lakes and mountains Switzerland

Take a look at a Wakelet collection that I made for a trip to Geneva, Switzerland. I compiled all of the best things to do articles, hotel recommendations, museum websites and restaurant menus into a collection so that I could share it with my girlfriend. I also edited each of the title cards of the items I added so we could both see the price of each activity before clicking onto the related article.

Find out how you can use Wakelet

Creating a travel curation like this – with all of my research in one place – made sure that my girlfriend and I had the best possible experience in Geneva. Take a look:

Finding travel inspiration

Of course, you don’t always have to curate your research when travelling – especially if someone else has done it for you!

New York City

When I was planning a trip to New York, I simply searched on Wakelet and was presented with a whole host of collections suggesting things to do in New York. And the best thing was that there was already a well-researched travel curation made by someone that had been to New York.h

Beating the holiday blues

I’ve also seen many people using Wakelet to create stories after their trip, adding their own notes, images, and links to videos, articles, maps and social media posts to their collection. Combining their personal experiences with external links is a great way for them to preserve their memories and create something that others will enjoy reading too!

Find out how you can use Wakelet

Check out this recap of a trip to the wilds of Alaska:

So, if you’re planning your next holiday, don’t forget to use Wakelet to:

  • Save and organize your research
  • Add notes so that it makes sense to you
  • Share it with the people that matter most
  • Tell the story of your trip

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