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How to organize your wedding day with Wakelet

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Are you planning your perfect Wedding day? Wakelet can help! Lorene Champelovier explains all

Organizing your wedding can be tricky to say the least – 99% of the time it’s extremely stressful! Finding the right dress, shoes, venue, caterer, florist, photographer, cake baker and more requires so much research and organization that it can turn us into full-on Bridezillas.

Thankfully there’s Wakelet. Saving all your research onto the Wakelet platform will definitely make your life easier – and let’s face it, every little bit helps!

Find out how you can use Wakelet

Saving the links you like into collections is quick and easy, and it helps you see all your research clearly. For me, that was one of its biggest perks, being able to see all my research in one place makes taking big decisions so much easier. If you’re hesitating to choose between two different kind of wedding invitations, having both of them side-by-side will really help you figure out the one you actually prefer.

Planning the perfect wedding day

I actually created my wedding collection before I got engaged! I know that sounds a bit crazy, but who doesn’t have a folder with photos of dresses and haircuts for a potential future wedding, right? Maybe I’m alone in this but I thought, why should I wait to start researching what kind of dress I’d like and what colour schemes would work best? So, I would just add things as I came across them online, pictures in magazines, beauty tutorials on YouTube, engagement rings, anything that I thought could be useful in my future wedding.

Wakelet wedding planning

Fast forward a couple of years and I actually got engaged, so I went back to my collection. My fiancé and I looked through the engagement rings I’d selected and we actually decided on one that I’d added. I took another look at the wedding dresses I’d previously saved but wasn’t completely sold, so I did even more research and added those dresses to the collection. I was so glad that I’d used Wakelet as otherwise I’d have either lost all my previous research or have an uncontrollable number of bookmarks!

Getting organized for the big day

After a while, I did get to the point where I had so many dresses saved that I had to start deleting my least favourites ones. This is where the visual aspect of Wakelet became so useful as being able to see them all next to one another made it easier to envision what I’d want my wedding to look like. And unlike Pinterest, you know that when you click on the link you’ll actually get taken straight to the page you want, rather than be stuck with just a pretty image.

Find out how you can use Wakelet

Months sped by and I needed to make more and more decisions and declutter and reorganize the items in the collection. Now, I’m just six months away from the big day and I have a pretty good idea of what it will look like, which is definitely helping with the stress of it all.

Sharing with friends and family

Another great thing about Wakelet is that you can choose to make your collection public, keep it private or make it unlisted so that only people with the link can view it. That way, you can keep all your research in a safe place but also share it with your maid of honour, bridesmaids, and fiancé so they can help you make decisions about your wedding but not spoil the surprise for guests. If you do want to share with your guests, you could always add the link to your wedding list and directions to the venue into your collection.

If you’ve just got engaged or are simply dreaming of your big day, I’d highly recommend using Wakelet to plan your wedding. It’s such a massive time saver and it’s a relief to know that all my research is safely stored in one place.