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How to use Wakelet: blogging

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Did you know that Wakelet can be used for blogging? We asked blogger Dexter Roona to share how he uses Wakelet – and how you could too

Any good blog article needs good research around it.

Your research better informs you on the subject you’re writing about and offers up ideas as to how you should compose your article.

You can also find inspiration for titles and headings, while a quick glimpse of Google will show you how well your competitors are doing in the search results with similar articles on the same or similar subject.

Find out how you can use Wakelet

Wakelet gives you a place to store all your research, giving you easy access to everything you need to write your article without needing to search for something useful that you found but forgot to bookmark.

Curating your content in this way also produces a useful collection that Google can take notice of.

Once you’ve curated all of your research and published your article you can then share it to your collection on Wakelet and link it back to your article.

Your collection gives credit to everyone that you referenced in the article and so adds value to the ideas and thoughts that inspired you.

Here’s an example of a collection I created for an article on Health and Fitness that I wrote: Benefits of Daily Exercise – Exercises that boost your energy 

DexterRoona blog example

Using Wakelet for blogging

Creating a blog on Wakelet is a very simple process – you simply use the platform as a basic page builder to create your blog article.

The posts within a collection are blocks of content.

Find out how you can use Wakelet

Your article could be just one post consisting of a single block of text or you could break the article down into paragraph blocks with each new block given a sub-heading that guides your audience through the article.

And in-between each text block, you can add images.

How to create a blog on Wakelet

First, create a collection and name it with your blog title. Upload a featured image and add a keyword rich snippet of text in the description box to serve as an introduction.

Next, add text posts (including links) – these will form the text body of your post. Then add any images and videos that are needed. You can even add PDFs or curate Tweets in your blog if required.

Reorder the posts in your collection so that they flow as an article and then simply publish your collection.

Here’s an example of a blog I created on Wakelet: How important are followers on social media?

Cut down blogs on Wakelet

As well as creating full blog articles, you can also use Wakelet to create shorter versions or cut downs.

I always think that it’s a better idea to create cut downs of articles rather than just to share an article to a site. That way, you show that you’re a real person and the share isn’t just automated.

It’ll also improve your standing with Google as you give them a bit more information to use to index and rank your content.

Find out how you can use Wakelet


Curation site members are far too used to just seeing a snippet and image when content is curated. But Wakelet’s not your run-of-the-mill curation site, so I tend to use it differently. I’d also encourage others to take the extra step when curating on Wakelet.

There’s no doubt that Wakelet is a very flexible curation site. But I tend to look at Wakelet as much more than a curation site and using the platform for blogging is just on example of what you can do.

See you on Wakelet

If you would like more details on how to use Wakelet you can read Dexter’s full guide here Wakelet Getting Started Guide or if you would like details on how other influencers use Wakelet then you can refer to How to use Wakelet – How I use Wakelet