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How to use Wakelet: Tell the story of your trip

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Tell the story of your trip and share your travel top tips and advice with Wakelet

Have you ever read one of those travel guides that tells you everything except what you really need to know?

Sure, they list all the top things to do or the restaurants they recommend you visit, but what about the weather in March? Or which taxis you can trust? Is the hotel you’re considering in the best area? And is that local landmark with the three-hour queue really worth it?

That’s the kind of insider knowledge that you can only get from someone who has really been there. Not a tourist office or journalist reviewing a free press stay.

Save, organize and share on Wakelet

With Wakelet, you can tell the story of your trip in a way that will really help others, and pass on all your top tips in an easy-to-understand, visually stunning and engaging way.

And let’s face it; telling the story of your trip through a Wakelet collection is a lot more interesting than forcing your friends to sit through an endless slideshow of holiday snaps. You can include notes on your favourite places, maps, links to helpful articles, songs that remind you of the trip, or even a video montage of all your highlights!

Dubai/Abu Dhabi collection

Want to see how it’s done? Take a look at this awesome collection created by our founder Jamil after his winter trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He’s covered everything, from the best way to find flights that don’t blow the budget to the rooftop bar you need to visit if you want to see a stunning sunset. And he was lucky enough to have our video guy Marcus along for the ride, so be sure to check out the film they created while you’re at it!