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Happy World Teachers Day!

by Wakelet on

Check out how Zsofia and other teachers around the world are using Wakelet in super cool ways

Every day, Wakelet celebrates teachers. But on October 5th, the World celebrates teachers, and we just wanted to say… Teachers, we salute you! Wherever you are, we at Wakelet wish you a fantastic World Teachers Day! 

We’ve been amazed so many times by the innovative ways teachers are using Wakelet. From collaborations with parents to lesson planning, the teaching community has really made Wakelet their own!

Check out a few ways teachers are using Wakelet in their classroom! 

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Group Projects:

Wakelet is a great way for your students to work together, either in the classroom, or from their own homes. The opportunity for collaboration on Wakelet is a feature that teachers have taken full advantage of. They have even educated us on how it can be used creatively! Whether it’s a group presentation, or an art collection, with the peer-editing feature, teachers have used Wakelet to encourage teamwork. We at Wakelet think this is AWESOME! 

Digital Portfolios:

Students can now create and develop their own portfolios on Wakelet! With this feature, teachers can keep up to date with their students and analyse their progress. And another thing! Parents can be involved in their child’s learning. So everybody is on the same page!

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Stay Connected:

The teaching community uses Wakelet to stay in touch, give tips to one-another and generate a support system. Just type ‘teacher’ into the Explore option and be blown away by all the helpful Collections created by teachers for teachers. Find something interesting? Just save the Collection and take a sneak peek whenever you want! It’s as easy that! Wakelet offers great resources for teachers, because, well, there’s so many resources created by teachers. 

To get a sense of the awesome ways teachers are using Wakelet, take a look at Zsofia’s story!