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Revising with Wakelet: by Sarah Clark

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Read about how Sarah is using Wakelet to help her students revise!

As my pupils were preparing for the end of year exam this year, I was looking for an easy way to share a variety of resources with them. I wanted to offer them something they could use when revising in and out of class.

In the past I had shared a number of web links to a whole variety of resources (YouTube videos, quizzes, past exam papers), but it was hard for my students to navigate through all of it.

This year, the answer to this problem arrived with Wakelet!

With Wakelet I was easily able to curate all the resources for my students in one web link… a picture of the exam board outcomes, a short video from YouTube and a Microsoft Form (quiz) for them to test their understanding of the topic they’re revising. These were all grouped together by unit to make it easy for them to navigate and work through!

Now pupils did not need to trawl through a variety of links in search of a particular topic.  They commented on how easy they found it to target a specific area of the course to revise and how they could see exactly what they needed to know! This also allowed them to know where they needed to revise further!

Because we use Microsoft Teams in my school, I added the web link as a tab in Teams but I was also able to share it with other teachers in my department via email. I also sent the link across Scotland by sharing the web link to the Wakelet collection on Twitter!

The feedback from the pupils was very positive!  They felt it was an easy way for them to access a lot of resources.  They said it was good to be able to watch a YouTube video within a collection, and then check their understanding of the content through the quiz I included in the collection!  You can see an example of a quiz here!

A huge thank you had to go to Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Jamieson who shared the videos and ‘Forms’ quizzes freely… I just put them all together in one easy package for my students!

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