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Introducing: sub-collections on Wakelet

by Wakelet on

A new way to collaborate on Wakelet. Invite collaborators to add sub-collections in your Wakelet collections!

Collaboration on Wakelet is better than ever!

We’re thrilled to announce that sub-collections are now live in your collaborative Wakelet collections! Invite collaborators to create sub-collections within your Wakelet collections, without them having to sign-up or login. It’s super quick, and super easy to use. 

Supercharge collaboration with your colleagues, friends, students and more with this awesome new feature. Give it a try in your collections now!

Here’s how it works: 

Step One: Invite collaborators

Invite collaborators to your Wakelet collections by sharing a collaboration link, the collection’s code or QR code with them. With any of these, invitees can access your collection and add content from there!

Remember! To add sub-collections to a collaborative collection, you must not be signed in to Wakelet. If you are signed in, just create a collection as normal in your home area and copy and paste it into the collaborative collection!

Step Two: Create a sub-collection

Once collaborators are added to your collection, all they have to do is click the ‘+’ button and select Create Collection. This allows them to create a collection within your Wakelet collection. Easy as that!

Step Three: Play around with it!

There are so many awesome ways sub-collections can be used within your Wakelet profile. We can’t wait to see how the Community uses it! 

Why not try using it for group projects? Create a collection for your project and invite contributors to create their own collections. This makes for a comprehensive, visual project – with everybody able to make their mark inside it! 

Sub-collections for remote learning:

This feature is perfect for inviting students to create their own Wakelet collections within your own, whilst they learn from home! With no need to sign-up or login, it’s really straightforward to get the entire class involved in a project or assignment. During school closures, you can invite your students to contribute to your collection, and showcase their learning by asking them to make their own collections inside it!

Show off what your students create! Share your class’ collection with your PLN! Or better yet, share them with us on Twitter by mentioning @Wakelet. We’re really looking forward to seeing all the amazing collections you create!

Watch a How-To video right here!