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Make the most of spaces in Wakelet!

by Wakelet on

Try Wakelet Spaces in your profile now!

Step One

On the left side of your homepage, you can find the small ‘+’ icon. Click this to add a new space!

Step Two

Choose a name for your space – whether it’s for your work, hobbies, vacation or education; choose a name and an image so your space has an identity! You can also set your space as public or private by clicking Profile Visibility.

Step Three

BOOM🔥 You have your first space! Now it’s time to populate it with collections. You can either:

  • Create a brand new collection from within the space.

  • Transfer a collection from your home profile to your new space: to do this, go to where your collection currently is, click the three dots ‘…’, click ‘Move collection’, and select which space you want to move it to.

Step Four

Invite collaborators to your space! Once you’ve created your space, click Members on the side-panel on the left side of your home screen. From here you can access an invite code and QR code to share with your chosen invitees! They can use the code to access your space, by clicking ‘Got a code? Join a space‘, which appears once they’ve clicked the ‘+’ button mentioned in step one.

You can also click ‘Invite by username or email’ to invite members to your space from within Wakelet! Remember, you can assign members as contributors (default), or as administrators.

Step Five

Curate an amazing Wakelet profile! With Wakelet spaces now available in your profile, organization and collaboration on Wakelet has never been so versatile! Create visual, engaging, comprehensive spaces of collections with your colleagues, family and friends!

Start creating your spaces today! 💙

Watch the launch party right here!