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Classrooms on Wakelet

by Wakelet on

Discover how you can create secure Wakelet accounts for your students!

Classrooms on Wakelet is a new, easy-to-use function on Wakelet which allows educators to work with students in a safe and secure way. Classrooms on Wakelet work in tandem with learning management systems like Google Classroom, Microsoft Education and Clever, to create unique student accounts that exist under the oversight of one or multiple teachers!

Check out the Classrooms button at the top of your home area on Wakelet! If you don’t see this button, head into Wakelet Settings and you’ll see a new option to convert your account to an Education Account

Within the Classrooms area you can immediately start importing students! Once you’ve imported your first group, they’ll be able to login to Wakelet using single sign-on with the same details as their LMS login, and they can start creating and collaborating with their very own accounts!

Collaborating on Classrooms

Now that your student accounts have been created, you can see what your students do with them! Why not invite them to collaborative collections so they can work with you and together on group projects? Wakelet is as much about collaboration as it is about curation, and Classrooms give your students the tools they need to work together and produce unique, dynamic work.,

Students can be imported by more than one teacher into more than one Classroom, allowing whole faculties to use Wakelet on Classrooms without stepping on each other’s toes! 

Different groups appear as separate spaces within the students’ home area, and students can curate their collections into a profile page which is only viewable by teachers and students who are members of the same groups.

Staying Safe

We know privacy and safety is the top priority for educators, which is why Wakelet is fully compliant with GDPR, COPPA, FERPA, NY Edlaw2D and CSPC. Additionally, if your school district has a specific agreement you would like us to review and sign before using Wakelet, we are happy to do so. Just contact with any questions or documents.

As part of our efforts to make Classrooms as safe as possible, student accounts are limited compared to regular Wakelet accounts in that they cannot search the wider Wakelet ecosystem and perhaps more importantly, students imported via Classrooms do not have public profiles and are not visible to users outside of the groups they are members of.

You can assign permissions to your students when creating accounts for them! Choose which features they have access to, and which ones they do not. Optional features include YouTube, Twitter, Unsplash, Flipgrid and GIPHY.