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How to use Wakelet: Campaigning

by Wakelet on

Whether you’re a charity, campaigner or an activist, Wakelet can help you consolidate your content and showcase your work. Here’s how you could use Wakelet for campaigning

Showcase your work

In a competitive landscape, it can be difficult to get your campaign or charity the attention it needs. Wakelet allows you to tell your story in a distinctive, visually-engaging way, using content from across the web. You could showcase a single case study and use images, text, and social media posts to illustrate the impact donations can have on someone in need. It’s a great way of bringing your campaign to life. We love the way charity Make A Wish UK has used Wakelet to tell Dewi’s story – take a look!

Track your campaign hashtags

Whether you’re launching a new campaign or hosting a special event, it can be hard to monitor its impact. If you’re using a specific hashtag, Wakelet makes it easy to find and save the tweets that matter most, helping you to assess success and demonstrate the social impact of your campaign to the people who need to know. Simply click on the Twitter button in Edit Collection mode, connect your account, and search for the hashtag. You’ll be able to find all the tweets related to it from the last two weeks and add them all in one go.

Find out how you can use Wakelet

Recognize your supporters

No campaign can exist without supporters. They’re the people that help spread the word, raise money, and organize events. But, unfortunately, they often don’t get the recognition their work deserves. Creating collections on Wakelet can help to highlight their contribution, whether it’s adding an Instagram post that includes them, tweets from an event they organized, or a video recording of thank you messages from the rest of the team. It’s a great way to give back to your supporters and recognize them publicly.

Make an argument

Search any subject online and you’ll be faced with thousands, if not millions, of results. Those results will likely cover every side of a debate – the pros and the cons, the believers and the detractors – and your campaign or point of view can be lost in the fray. Make a persuasive argument and become a thought-leader in your field by curating collections of the articles, blogs, videos and social media posts that best illustrate your point of view. You can then share links to your collections in an email, as a newsletter, or on your Twitter account.