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How to use Wakelet: Create a Digital CV or Resume

by Wakelet on

Want your application to stand out from the crowd? Whether you’re a candidate or an employer, creating a CV or Resume on Wakelet could make all the difference

In a competitive jobs market, it can be tough for applicants to stand out from the crowd and for employers to find the right candidates. Often, the only tool both sides have available to them is a restrictive CV or resume, written across two pages of A4, listing previous roles and key skills.

‘It dawned on us when we were recruiting that we’re making a huge decision based on a couple of pieces of paper and two interviews,’ says Leon Lloyd, CEO of sports social enterprise Switch the Play. ‘We want to know the person behind the qualifications and nervous interview period.’

That’s where Wakelet comes in. Whether you’re an employer looking to fill a role or a candidate looking for an original way to stand out from your peers, creating a digital CV or resume on Wakelet can help.

Bring your experience to life

It’s one thing to write on your CV that you can create engaging social media posts or be a thought-leader in your field, it’s another to actually show that you can. With Wakelet, you can collate a wide range of different content types, from across the web, to help bring your past achievements to life. You could add that tweet that received over 300 likes, the campaign video that you directed, or the podcast episode that you were interviewed on. That way, potential employers can see you in action and appreciate the tangible way you could benefit their company.

Save, organize and share on Wakelet

Showcase your soft skills

Soft skills are essential in the modern workplace, but difficult to demonstrate in a CV or interview. A traditional paper CV isn’t going to be able to showcase your communication skills, your problem-solving acumen, or your organizing ability. Wakelet can bring attention to these skills through the wide variety of content that can be included and the way you choose to present it. The order in which you display the content, the notes you choose to add, and the mix of media you include all help give an employer a better idea of who you are, how you present yourself, and how you prioritize and curate information.

‘We work in athlete transition, and sometimes it’s hard for athletes to showcase a successful 10-year career in a few sentences. That’s why we use Wakelet to help provide a visual context to their amazing achievements,’ Leon explains. ‘People have some great soft skills that they may not be aware of. Through the platform, we can see things that go far beyond the job description.’

Stand out from the crowd

Let’s be honest; in a competitive job market, a standard CV or resume is the very least you can do. After all, you’re likely to be judged against people with impressive social media followings, detailed LinkedIn profiles, and even personal websites – the more you can do to stand out, the better. Submitting a digital CV on Wakelet as part of your application demonstrates that you think a little differently, you’re tech-savvy, and you’re prepared to go the extra mile to impress. It also enables you to showcase experience that could otherwise be lost; a video of your conference keynote speech, a PDF copy of a great presentation, or a customer’s tweet that singles you out for praise.

Perfect your personal brand

In the digital age, everyone has a brand. You might not think you do but, if you’re active online, we promise you do. A quick Google search of your name could bring up the Instagram feed you’ve curated, the articles you’ve chosen to retweet, and highlights of your working life. But you can’t control Google search, which means those Facebook photos from 2006 or that old blog you haven’t visited in years could surface too! Wakelet allows you to take control of your personal brand by curating the links you find online to bring attention to those parts of your digital persona that you want the world to see.

Save, organize and share on Wakelet

Find the right candidate

Recruiting can be time consuming and expensive so ensuring you get the right candidate for your role is important.  

‘We’re living in a digital age and so tasking potential colleagues with a non-typical recruitment process gets them thinking differently,’ says Leon. ‘We want innovative people working at Switch the Play, people who take calculated risks and can express themselves. By using Wakelet, we’re giving people the chance to stand out from their competition in a way that they may not be able to do on a flat paper CV or resume.’

Asking candidates to create a digital resume or CV on Wakelet not only allows you to see what experience they’ve had, it also enables you to assess their critical thinking skills, their written and visual communication skills, and their creativity. The content that they choose to include and how they present it will tell you a lot about their thought-process and approach to tasks – far more information than you would be able to gather through a traditional CV.

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