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Remote learning with Wakelet

by Wakelet on

Use Wakelet this new school year to share learning materials with your students while they learn from home!


Wakelet is an awesome tool for curating visual, structured newsletters to share updates and key news with communities. Share your newsletter with students, parents, and colleagues – so everyone is on the same page, regardless of where you’re teaching from! Include details like:

  • What your students have learned recently.
  • Upcoming dates and key events.
  • A personal message from you, filmed on the Flipgrid camera!
  • Your school’s news and updates.

Group projects

Enable students to work as a team, even when they’re learning from home! Whether it’s a collaborative book review, history project, or break-out activity; everyone can contribute their thoughts and findings! Create a space for each group in your class, and invite the team to it! Remember, only you and the team have access to that space, so it’s a safe environment for students to collaborate. Students can add collections and explore their team members’ work from within the space!

Not only does this enhance collaborative projects for your students, but it also makes it super-easy to access everyone’s work! While schools are closed, your space can be your and your students’ virtual classroom!

Research projects

An awesome way we’ve seen educators use Wakelet for remote learning is assigning research projects! Invite your class to a space and invite everyone to add collections of their research-findings! Establish your space as a virtual learning environment, where students can access learning materials and showcase their learning in a safe place!

Sharing materials

Curate collections of a variety of learning materials i.e. articles, YouTube videos, websites, Buncee graphics and so much more, and share them with your students. Create a space for each subject/class, and invite students and their parents to be members. Populate the space with collections of learning materials, resources, homework tasks and more – so everyone can access all they’ll need for learning at home, from within your space!

Do you have any ideas for how Wakelet can be used for remote learning? We’d love to hear them! Feel free to get in touch🏄