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Wakelet & Adobe Creative Cloud Express

by Wakelet on

A new way to organize your Creative Cloud content, all inside visual, shareable Wakelet collections!🔥

Curate and organize your Adobe Creative Cloud creations into visual collections with the powerful Wakelet & Adobe integration!

Access your Creative Cloud content from inside Wakelet, and add them straight to your collections in just a couple clicks. Organize your masterpieces in visual, structured collections! 

Getting started with Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express

Creative Cloud’s easy-to-understand interface will have you producing stunning work in no time and with over 46,000 unique templates to choose from, Creative Cloud is the leading online creative tool for any occasion!

Create posters, flyers, graphics and much more with Creative Cloud’s intuitive creation suite, or take it a step further with slideshows, animations and videos which are all fully customizable! Then, organize your creations into Wakelet collections; perfect for presenting your creativity and sharing with your community.

Wakelet and Creative Cloud Express

To get started with the Adobe Creative Cloud Express integration on Wakelet, all you have to do is select the “Apps” button in the Add Content menu and you’ll see Adobe Creative Cloud Express as an option! Clicking this will allow you to login to your Creative Cloud account and select your best work to import into your Wakelet collection. Once your accounts are linked you can preview the image before you add it to your collection, and if you want to make some tweaks, you can click “customise” and immediately jump over to Creative Cloud to start making changes and get everything looking just right! 

Make the most of the integration!

The potential uses for Creative Cloud and Wakelet together are endless, and we know that you’re going to blow us away with the collections you create using this new tool. Why not try creating:

Digital Portfolio

Create your portfolio on Wakelet! You and your students can showcase their creativity and progress by adding Creative Cloud creations to Wakelet collections!

Digital Storytelling

Invite your students to tell their story on Wakelet! They can include Creative Cloud content to communicate their creative process, learning journey, and their ideas & thoughts!

Collaborative Projects

You can ask your class to create posters on Adobe Creative Cloud, and then add them to a collaborative Wakelet collection! Everyone in the classroom can express themselves and review their peers’ work too. Unlock a collaborative classroom culture with the Wakelet and Creative Cloud integration!

Have any more ideas? Let us know by sharing them with us on Twitter. It’s always a pleasure to see your creativity!